Major Vegetables and Root Crops Quarterly Bulletin, October-December 2017

October 2017 to December 2017


  • For the fourth quarter of 2017, production of cassava was estimated at 779.21 thousand metric tons, up by 0.4 percent from the same quarter of the previous year’s 776.20 thousand metric tons.
  • The slight upward change in output was attributed to higher yield in ARMM due to sufficient rainfall; additional area planted in Northern Mindanao (Bukidnon) because of higher demand for food, feeds, and other industrial uses; and the continuous technical, financial, and marketing assistance from San Miguel Corporation (SMC) in Cagayan Valley (Quirino).
  • Even then, the drop in production in more areas due to low buying price of cassava for industrial use effected only a slight increase in output.
  • ARMM, the major producer of cassava at 445.78 thousand metric tons, shared 57.2 percent to the national total this quarter. This was followed by Northern Mindanao with 14.7 percent and Cagayan Valley with 8.3 percent.