Major Vegetables and Root Crops Quarterly Bulletin, April - June 2018

April 2018 to June 2018


  • The April to June 2018 production of cabbage decreased to 22.51 thousand metric tons from 23.16 thousand metric tons in 2017 or by 2.8 percent. This could be traced to the following:
    • lesser heads harvested in CAR due to rotting caused by hailstorm during the vegetative stage; and
    • smaller and lesser heads harvested in Central Visayas due to damping off caused by occurrence of sudden heavy rains and effect of diamondback moth and whiteflies .
  • Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) had the highest production of 17.94 thousand metric tons which represents 79.7 percent of the total output this quarter. This was followed by Central Visayas with 4.6 percent share and Ilocos Region, 3.8 percent.