Catalog of PSA Publications and CD Products

Selected Statistics on Agriculture
This is a handy publication that contains a comprehensive set of selected agricultural statistics on crops, livestock, poultry and fishery; including foreign trade, and other macroeconomic indicators related to agriculture sector.
Statistical Handbook on Prices of Fertilizers and Pesticides
This contains 3 year data on prices of four grades of fertilizers at the regional and national levels. This also contains the same time series on price of 38 selected brands of pesticides classified as...
Supply and Utilization Accounts of Selected Agricultural Commodities
The report aims to provide users with a framework for physical accounting of agricultural commodities. The commodity coverage is classified as Cereals, Rootcrops, Vegetables and Legumes...
Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF)
The publication of the Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF) is released in response to the need for more accurate data on the number of overseas Filipinos, and their socioeconomic characteristics. This report provides figures and insights that serve as basis...
Swine Industry Performance Report
The report presents the swine industry situation in terms of inventory by farmtype, age classification; volume of production; supply and disposition; and monthly levels and trends in farmgate, wholesale and retail prices.
The PSA Data Archive (PSADA)
The PSA Data Archive (PSADA) is a web-based cataloging system powered by the National Data Archive (NADA) application developed by the International Household Survey Network (IHSN).
Trends in Agricultural Wage Rates
The report consolidates the important findings of the Agricultural Labor Survey (ALS). It presents agricultural wage rates for four (4) major crops which are: Palay, Corn, Coconut and Sugarcane. These data are presented by region, by type and source of...
Updated Production Costs and Returns for Selected Agricultural Commodities Part I: Palay and Corn
This report presents the updated estimates of production costs and returns of selected commodities at the national and regional levels...
Updated Production Costs and Returns for Selected Agricultural Commodities Part II- Other Commodities
The report provides the updated estimates of production cost and returns for other selected commodities. It covers a total of 26...
Updates on Agricultural Trade Performance
This contains updates on the country's agricultural trade performance - agricultural exports and imports, trade balances with trading partners and world prices of selected export commodities.
Updates on Fertilizer Prices
This monthly price update shows the situation and the monthly prevailing Dealers' (Retail) prices of the four (4) fertilizer grades: Urea (45-0-0), Complete (14-14-14), Ammosul (21-0-0) and Ammophos (16-20-0).
Updates on Palay and Corn Forecasts
Updates on production and harvest area forecasts of palay and corn are generated from the Monthly Palay and Corn Situation Reporting System (MPCSRS). It is a monitoring activity conducted monthly in-between Palay and Corn Production Survey (PCPS) rounds...
Updates on Palay, Rice and Corn Prices
This price update shows the situation and the weekly and monthly prevailing farmgate, wholesale and retail prices of palay, rice and corn. The Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) monitors cereals prices covering 80 provinces/cities...
Vital Statistics Report (VSR)
A yearly report on vital events like births, deaths, and marriages occurring in the Philippines, the VSR highlights data on the number and percent distribution of these events - by month of occurrence, age, sex, and region, province or city.
Yearbook of Labor Statistics (YLS)
Published annually, this statistical compendium consists of 21 chapters presenting trend and structural data on major areas of labor and related fields. A chapter on Explanatory Notes is added where concepts and definitions on the data sets and metadata on...


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