Catalog of PSA Publications and CD Products

Gender Statistics on Labor and Employment
Consisting of 13 chapters, the Gender Statistics on Labor and Employment, updated annually, brings together indicators and data on labor and employment for women and men available from various government agencies.
Goat Situation Report
The report contains data on herd inventory by age classification, chevon production, prices, supply of live herd including live imports and disposition which include death and slaughter.
Gross Regional Domestic Expenditure
Provides statistical information in the changes and causes of domestic expenditure.
Gross Regional Domestic Product
Presents the aggregate of gross value added (GVA) of all resident producing units in the region.
Household Energy Consumption Survey (HECS)
Presents data that can be utilized by both government and nongovernment agencies, as well as the academe for in-depth researches and studies.
Household Survey on Domestic Visitors (HSDV)
The first survey jointly conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO) and the Department of Tourism (DOT), the 2005 Household Survey on Domestic Visitors (HSDV) presents the profile, characteristics, and travel patterns of domestic...
Input-Output Accounts of the Philippines
Serves as tool for planners in analyzing the structures of the economy to enable them to formulate programs and policies towards attainment of economic progress and social welfare of the people.
Input-Output Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (IOSPBI) Primer
The 2012 Input-Output Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (IOSPBI) is the 7th of the Input-Output (I-O) survey series conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO).
Integrated Survey of Households (ISH) Bulletin
Deals with Philippine labor force and its socioeconomic characteristics primarily based on Labor Force Surveys conducted every quarter by the NSO. Data are published on national and regional levels. Also includes previous ISH results...
Journal of Philippine Statistics (JPS)
Furnishes data users with statistical information on the socioeconomic development of the country. Contains statistical series that are updated for continuity and for comparative analysis whenever possible. Tabular data usually cover two or more...
Leading Economic Indicator
The Leading Economic Indicator System (LEIS) involves the study of the behavior of indicators that consistently move upward or downward before the actual expansion or contraction of overall economic activity.
Major Crops Statistics of the Philippines - Regional and Provincial
This report presents time series statistics of the 21 major crops which are highlighted in the Report on the Performance of Agriculture which the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) releases...
Major Fruit Crops Quarterly Bulletin
This statistical bulletin provides the preliminary estimates of the recent quarter and final estimates of the previous quarter on production, area and number of bearing trees/hills of four (4) major fruit crops, banana, mango, pineapple and...
Major Non-Food and Industrial Crops Quarterly Bulletin
This statistical bulletin provides the preliminary estimates of the recent quarter and final estimates of the previous quarter on six (6) major commodities, namely, abaca, coconut, coffee, rubber, sugarcane and...
Major Vegetables and Rootcrops Quarterly Bulletin
This quarterly Bulletin provides updates on basic production data of major vegetables and root crops, namely, mongo, peanut, cabbage, eggplant, tomato, onion, sweet potato and cassava.
Marketing Costs Structure
Provides the components and the corresponding marketing costs incurred by marketing participants of selected commodities in major producing areas and trading centers.
Marketing Infrastructure and Facilities
This provides information on the available marketing infrastructure and facilities for cereals, livestock and fisheries compiled from data of relevant agencies.
Maternal and Child Health Survey (MCHS)
Presents up-to-date data on prenatal and postpartum care, protection at birth against neonatal tetanus, breastfeeding, and immunization.
Metadata for National Agricultural Statistics in the Philippines
The Metadata for National Agricultural Statistics in the Philippines describes the Philippine agricultural statistical system. The Metadata Report should be able to lead data users, partners, and other...
Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (MBS)
Presents latest available monthly, quarterly and annual data on major economic variables. Shows data for the past two years with monthly data being presented first before the quarterly data. Revisions made to current series of data are presented in...
Monthly Economic Indicators
The monthly Economic Indicator is a regular publication of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). It presents the latest available monthly statistical indicators of the levels and trends of the country's economic activities and performance.
Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries (MISSI)
Discusses the results of the Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries (MISSI), a special study conducted by the NSO to provide flash indicators on the performance of growth-oriented industries.
Monthly Statistical Indicators (MSI)
The Monthly Statistical Indicators (MSI) is published monthly by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). This maiden issue is the product of the harmonized Monthly Bulletin of Statistics and The Economic Indicators publications, which are both...
National Accounts
Presents measures of the aggregate of sum of factor incomes/payments arising from the production activities of the country.
National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS)
A part of the worldwide Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) program designed to collect, analyze, and disseminate demographic data on fertility, family planning, and maternal and child health.


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