PSA Publications: Multi-sectoral

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (MBS)
Presents latest available monthly, quarterly and annual data on major economic variables. Shows data for the past two years with monthly data being presented first before the quarterly data. Revisions made to current series of data are presented in...
Monthly Economic Indicators
The monthly Economic Indicator is a regular publication of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). It presents the latest available monthly statistical indicators of the levels and trends of the country's economic activities and performance.
Monthly Statistical Indicators (MSI)
The Monthly Statistical Indicators (MSI) is published monthly by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). This maiden issue is the product of the harmonized Monthly Bulletin of Statistics and The Economic Indicators publications, which are both...
Philippine Statistics in Brief
Presents the latest quarterly data on the following: national accounts, investments, poverty, MDG indicators, and other key economic and social indicators. The latest updates on the Philippine Standard Geographic Codes are also included.
Philippines in Figures
Summarizes various statistics generated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and other government and private agencies. Covers latest figures on population and demography; health and vital statistics; education and employment; social welfare; crime and delinquency;...
Provincial Profile (PP)
An individual account of each of the country's 76 provinces. Serves as a convenient statistical reference on the geographic, economic, social, and demographic features of every province and of the National Capital Region. The issue consists of approximately 20 chapters.

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Official statistics generated by the PSA are published in various publications and compilations some of which are listed on this page. Catalog of available CD products are also listed here.

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