Performance of Philippine Agriculture, April-June 2017

Release Date: August 15, 2017 - 09:00


Agriculture grew by 6.18 percent in the second quarter of 2017. The crops and poultry subsectors recorded output increases of 11.72 percent and 8.36 percent, respectively. On the other hand, livestock production went down by 1.38 percent. The fisheries subsector posted a 2.93 percent cut in production. At current prices, agriculture grossed P422.36 billion or 11.41 percent higher than the previous year’s record. During the first half of 2017, gross output in agriculture expanded by 5.71 percent.


The crops subsector registered an 11.72 percent increase in output. It shared 50.75 percent of the total agricultural production. Palay and corn posted output increments of 11.72 percent and 45.97 percent, respectively. Improvements in production were recorded among the other crops except for coffee, mango, tobacco and abaca. The gross value of production amounted to P231.61 billion at current prices, representing a 13.50 percent increase from last year’s level. From January to June 2017, the subsector’s output went up by 9.81 percent.

Livestock and Poultry

The livestock subsector which contributed 16.38 percent to total agricultural output contracted by 1.38 percent. Except for dairy, all components of the subsector recorded output losses. At current prices, the subsector grossed P71.92 billion. This was 12.48 percent more than the previous year’s gross receipts. Gross output of the livestock subsector inched up by 0.86 percent in the first six (6) months of 2017.

The poultry subsector expanded by 8.36 percent. The subsector accounted for 16.02 percent of the total agricultural output. Chicken contributed to the subsector’s performance with its 9.32 percent increment in production. The gross value of poultry production at current prices amounted to P55.32 billion, up by 10.07 percent from last year’s earnings. For the period January to June 2017, the subsector recorded a 5.09 percent growth in output. 


Production in the fisheries subsector declined by 2.93 percent. It shared 16.84 percent of the total agricultural output. The output gains among milkfish, tilapia, skipjack and seaweed did not offset the losses incurred by the other species. At current prices, the subsector grossed P63.51 billion or 4.40 percent higher than the previous year’s record. In the first half of the year, gross output of the subsector dropped by 0.98 percent.

Farmgate Prices

On the average, farmgate prices went up by 4.93 percent during the reference quarter. Price increments were recorded in all subsectors; crops at 1.59 percent, livestock at 14.06 percent, poultry at 1.58 percent and fisheries at 7.55 percent. From January to June 2017, prices received by farmers increased by an average of 4.17 percent.