2016 PIYLS - Statistical Tables

Data Source, Coverage and Definition of Terms

Data Source and Coverage

Economic Performance

Source The National Accounts of the Philippines
Agency Responsible Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
Reference Period Quarter/Year
Periodicity Quarterly/Annually
Release Schedule Quarterly: 1st quarter data (May), 2nd quarter data (August), 3rd quarter data (November), 4th quarter and annual data (January after reference period)
Availability From 1946
Other Information i.)   The current Philippine System of National Accounts (SNA) adopted the 1993/2008 SNA of the United Nations.  The base year for constant prices has been changed from 1985 to 2000.
ii.)  Before the creation of the PSA in 2013, the statistics were published in the name of the National Statistical Coordination Board.


Definition of Terms

Terminology Definition
Constant Prices

valuation of transactions, wherein the influence of price changes from the base year to the current year has been removed.

Gross Domestic Product (expenditure measure)

sum of expenditure on final consumption plus gross capital formation plus exports less imports.

Gross Domestic Product (income measure)

compensation of employees plus gross operating surplus plus gross mixed incomes plus taxes less subsidies on both production and imports.

Gross Domestic Product (production measure)

value of output less intermediate consumption plus any taxes less subsidies on products not already included in the value of output.

Gross National Income

Gross Domestic Product less net taxes on production and imports, less compensation of employees and property income payable to the rest of the world plus the corresponding items receivable from the rest of the world (in other words, GDP less primary incomes payable to non-resident units plus primary incomes receivable from non-resident units). Gross National Income used to be Gross Domestic Product.

Gross Value Added

value of output less the value of intermediate consumption.


defined as the goods and services produced by an establishment, excluding the value of any goods and services used in an activity for which the establishment does not assume the risk of using the products in production, and excluding the value of goods and services consumed by the same establishment except for goods and services used for capital formation (fixed capital or changes in inventories) or own final consumption.

Intermediate Consumption

consists of the value of the goods and services consumed as inputs by a process of production, excluding fixed assets whose consumption is recorded as consumption of fixed capital.

Net Primary Income

compensation of employees and property income receivable from the rest of the world less the corresponding items payable to the rest of the world.