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Labor Turnover Statistics, 4th Quarter 2017 National Capital Region (NCR)

Friday, April 27, 2018
Reference No.: 2018-063
Employment in enterprises in the National Capital Region (NCR) increased gradually in the fourth quarter of 2017 at 1.38 percent.
The labor turnover rate for this quarter at 1.38 percent was marginally higher by 0.28 percentage point relative to the previous quarter’s rate at 1.10 percent. But, this was notably lower than the rate posted at 3.36 percent in the same period in 2016. 
This rate implies that 14 workers per 1,000 employed persons were added to the enterprise workforce during the quarter.
The accession rate of 8.27 percent reflects that 83 workers per 1,000 were hired due to either business expansion or replacement of separated workers. However, the separation rate of 6.88 percent implies that 69 workers per 1,000 were either laid-off or quitted their jobs for the period.
Services sector led in employment growth
The highest labor turnover rate during the reference quarter was recorded in the services sector at 1.65 percent where accession and separation rates were at 8.68 percent and 7.04 percent, respectively. Top gainers of the sector were the financial and insurance activities at 3.72 percent and accommodation and food service activities at 3.47 percent. Only the real estate activities registered a negative labor turnover rate at 0.59 percent.
The hiring rate and termination rate for the industry sector were very close at 6.69 percent and 6.26 percent, respectively, which resulted to a 0.43 percent labor turnover rate. Among the industries under this sector, the most significant employment gain was in mining and quarrying at 10.16 percent. This was followed, albeit at a much lower rate, by water supply, sewerage waste management and remediation activities at 1.46 percent, and construction at 1.21 percent. On the other hand, negative labor turnover rates were recorded in manufacturing (0.47%) and electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (0.35%).
Only the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector suffered a setback as it recorded a labor turnover rate of 4.61 percent given an accession rate of 1.87 percent and a separation rate of 6.48 percent.
National Statistician and Civil Registrar General

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