PSA Gives Go Signal to the Conduct of the BSP’s Senior Bank Loan Officers’ Survey (SLOS)

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Through the Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System (SSRCS), the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) approved the conduct of the Senior Bank Loan Officers’ Survey (SLOS) of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on 6 March 2017.
Aside from pursuing information on lending behaviour of universal and commercial banks (UKBs) and to assess the robustness of demand conditions, the SLOS is being used to gauge the strength of credit activity in the Philippines as well as to monitor the supply of and demand for bank loans to enterprises and households.
A total of 42 UKBs in the country will be covered in the quarterly survey through a self-administered questionnaire to be disseminated via electronic mail by the BSP. Quarterly results of the SLOS are scheduled to be released on the third week of the first month for every quarter.
According to the BSP, latest results of the Fourth Quarter (Q4) of 2016 SLOS are as follows:
  • For the 31st consecutive quarter since 2nd Quarter of 2009, 89.7 percent and 95.0 percent of the banks reported broadly unchanged credit standards for loans to both enterprises and households, respectively. 
  • In the commercial real estate loans, 90.0 percent of the banks also indicated its unchanged credit standards; a larger share of the banks (94.1 percent) however indicated that they have not changed its monetary policy on housing loans extended to households.
The SSRCS is a mechanism being implemented by the PSA by virtue of Rule 28 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA No. 10625 to: 
  • ensure sound design for data collection;
  • minimize the burden placed upon respondents; 
  • effect economy in statistical data collection; 
  • eliminate unnecessary duplication of statistical data collection; and, 
  • achieve better coordination of government statistical activities. 
In line with this, all UKBs are enjoined to support the said survey. 
For further information on the SSRCS, please contact the Statistical Standards Division (SSD) of the Standards Service (SS) at telephone numbers (632) 376-1928 and (632) 376-1931, and email addresses: and
National Statistician and Civil Registrar General
See more at the SSRCS landing page.